Sinclair-Peters in Thailand

Only ask and I will give the nations as your inheritance.


It was only two years ago that Nila was baptized in the Gulf Of Thailand. But last month it was OUR joy to see Nila welcoming her new brothers and sisters with hand-made flower wreathes and blessing them in Jesus' name! That beautiful Sunday in May, we witnessed 12 Burmese believers from all 3 church plants plunge into the ocean to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of their life. But the real "cherry on top" was celebrating the first baptism of the Burmese Bang Sai church! Pastor Isaiah said,"Louise, I am so thankful to God for our interns! It is their hard work in evangelism and discipleship, not mine, that has made this day possible!"

"I'll Be Back To Get You!"

Three months ago I had an unusual dream: As I was walking, I fainted on the road. A man approached me but he did not offer to help me up. Instead he stood over me and said, "I will come back and get you on Pentecost!" I instantly forgot my weariness and responded by declaring, "I believe in the Holy Spirit!" When I told Dave about my dream, he said, "Louise, Pentecost is on May 19 this year." I joked and said, "Well then, I just want to let you know I'm busy on May 19; Someone is coming to get me!" In my heart I kept pondering what this strange dream could mean. I started to read Acts 2 everyday, asking the Holy Spirit to fill me with his Spirit like He filled the disciples with power and authority 2000 years ago. Then some amazing things started to happen all at once. mbmission announced that they were ready to send Burmese church planters into Myanmar. Hallelujah!

I also heard about a Burmese language course being offered in Yangon. I applied but was disappointed to learn that I was number 40 on the waiting list! I told everyone that apart from a miracle from God, I wasn't going. One week later, I was surprised when the instructor emailed me and said, "You're in!" I couldn't believe it. Then it hit me: I will be in Myanmar on Pentecost!

Fast-forward to May 18: I am sitting in my very affordable, "windowless" hotel room in Yangon, studying Burmese,

and I think, "Where should I go to church this Sunday?" I had seen an old church down the road. Then the Holy Spirit asked me,"What happened in your dream?" I answered, "A man came to get me." "Well, then, should you phone someone or go anywhere on your own?" the Holy Spirit asked. I said, "No." About an hour later, the phone rang and my friend Esther said, "Louise, I am going to come and pick you up and bring you to my village for Sunday.

In good Burmese custom, (i.e no warning!), Esther told me as we walked down the dirt road to the church, "Louise, you are going to preach here this morning. Then, after this service, I will take you to another church down the road and you will preach there."

As I sat down in the first church, the pastor announced that this was a very special Sunday. It was the first time they had used their new bamboo building. They had been saving money for many years because their last building collapsed. They wanted to consecrate this new building to the Lord. At that moment, I finally understood why God wanted me in Myanmar on Pentecost Sunday: First, I was deeply touched that God saw my weariness and that he had a plan to anoint me afresh with His Spirit. Second, I saw God miraculously open doors for me to learn the Burmese language so that I would be better equipped for Burmese ministry. Lastly, God wanted me to know, just like Peter in Acts ch.10, that he hears the sincere prayers of devout believers all over the world and He desires to send his servants to strengthen His church so that they will be baptized with the power of Holy Spirit and sent out to preach the Gospel!

Heart-ache for the handicapped in Thai society

Nong May is a beautiful 14 year old girl, who is paralyzed from her waist down. This year she was not going to be able to continue on with her education because none of the local public schools would take a handicapped person. This left us quite outraged since God has told us many times that He has a great future planned for May! For this reason, we weren't going to let a little set back like this stop us. So Louise, Pastor Naat and May's dad, Chin, went to the local Catholic school to talked to the principal. We pleaded with her to let May enroll for the next term. We told the Sister about our faith in God and his call on May's life. The Sister was hesitant to accept May since the school was not wheelchair accessible. But Chin, a contractor, stepped up and said, "I'll take care of that." Then, we chimed in, "And we'll provided the volunteers to pour the concrete." So there we were, just before the school term began, mixing cement, carrying it in buckets and making 8 ramps for Nong May. The Thai teachers stood and marveled at our team work. Both Thai, Burmese and Western Believers were all working together so that a little handicapped girl could go to school.

Today, Nong May loves her new school! She's in grade 7, has loads of new friends and will not stop smiling. Thank you Cedar Park church for paying May's tuition fees for school this year.

Father God, thank you for revealing to May her incredible value and worth as a child of God. Thank you for a loving church family and for the opportunity you have given May to grow in her gifts and abilities. Father, we prophecy that May is going to do great exploits for your Kingdom! Amen.

Our Amazing TREK Team

Louise and I love having TREK teams serve with us. This month, as we cruised into the last few weeks of ministry with the team, we decided to take the team away to Erawan Falls, a beautiful 7-teared waterfall in Kanchanaburi. While floating on our house boat, we had time to celebrate all the amazing things God had done for us these past 7 months. One of my favorite stories was how this team loved 4 children from our community. Waa, Ice, Oak and O are all under 8 years old, Recently, their mom and dad were put in prison for a loooong time. They were "professional" thieves and drug dealers. It was heart wrenching for the Trekkers to see these children so neglected. Even though the Trek team were hit with rocks, spit on, peed on and cursed by these kids- they just kept on loving them! What a love project!! They started by bathing the kids every Sunday, buying clean clothes for them and feeding them. Then Kiersten advocated for them to get back into school and for the Bethel believers to love this family after they had gone back home. Praise God! The local believers are taking over this LOVE PROJECT! Now, the children are being fed by Believers in the Bethel church. One mom is washing their clothes and another is making sure they go to school. Thank you, Kiersten, Kyle, Danae, Irene, Kara, and Judy for loving this family. You guys rock!
Trek singing Thai

A Bitter Sweet Mother's Day

As Esther walked back into her village in Burma last month, with her three daughters clinging on to her waist, she broke down and wept. She cried out to God, "Why can't I just stay?" The sad reality is that If it wasn't for her work in Thailand, her children and elderly mother would not have enough food to eat or be able to go to school. For this reason, Mother's day and Father's day often have a deep sadness as we seek to honor Burmese mothers and fathers in Thailand.

Father God, we intercede for all our Burmese believers who are separated from their children. We pray that you would comfort each family with your supernatural love. We ask that you would keep turning the hearts of the fathers to their children. Lord, we ask for wisdom as we seek to raise up Christ-like families, parents and children who are geographically separated, but deeply committed to one another. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

It's That Time Again! Our Burmese Interns Are Off To Discipleship School!

Father God, Thank you for raising up 6 men and women who are passionate about studying your Word and sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with other Burmese people in Thailand! Thank for MuChit, Zani and Tuchon who are going back to school for a second year of training. We know they have sacrificed a lot to follow you. Bless them God! We ask that you would take them to the "next level" in their gifting and Christ-likeness. We also pray for Sue, Two and Tin Lin as they immerse themselves for the first time in study, prayer and Bible memory. Help them to pass each test. Thank you Lord for our friends at Myanmar Christian Assembly and our generous partners who have paid for the student's tuition so that strong,vibrant MB Burmese churches will be established in Thailand. Amen.

The Chachoengsao Church Planting Team Is Growing!

Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters

Are Church planting with mbmission in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Thank you for praying for us, giving finances and partnering with us. Because of your generous support, God is multiplying Thai and Burmese leaders, making disciples and growing His church here in Thailand. Hallelujah!

This month we desperately need funds for our Hope Centre Church plant. Please give to:

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