Servals: The Unusual Cat

Who Are They?

What is a Serval?

Servals are part of the cat family and live in Africa. They are medium sized, and have legs that are longer and ears that are larger proportionally to their size than all others in the cat family. They are slender and long, with spotted markings that are never the same from one Serval to another. The back of their ears are black with a white patch in the center. Like many wild cats, they do not meow.

More About the Serval

What Makes the Serval Unique?

Though the Serval does not meow, that is not to say that they do not greet each other or humans. Rather, instead of meowing, they hiss! It is because of this that one must be very experienced in the body language of cats to get along with this particular feline. One must especially watch the Serval's ears, as they are a vital way of communicating anger or satisfaction. The Serval is also known for being able to jump the highest and farthest of all cats. As an added bonus, it is claimed that the Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Serval for its grace and power.
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