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Online global collaboration in education - August 2018

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Flat Connections is ready to collaborate!

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that Flat Connections global projects start up again soon and we are looking forward to another great semester of student and teacher collaboration.

All of our upcoming projects are featured below AND scroll right to the end for a video where Chris Trimnell (Project Manager) and I talk about global collaboration and opportunities for YOU and YOUR students

We hope to see you soon in a Flat Connections global project!

Julie Lindsay

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Friends for Sustainability

The project will run from September 10 to November 30.

The Friends for Sustainability global project is for students of Grade/Year 5-9, (approximate ages 10-15). Students connect, communicate, explore global topics and issues and share ideas and solutions through co-created digital artifacts.

The project has an interdisciplinary curriculum focus and aims to be holistic and foster collaborative learning. It joins classrooms globally with a view to exploring sustainability issues including what life is like in each country through written discussion and the sharing of images. A final multimedia presentation is co-created by team findings including valuable reflections on their learning and possible solutions.

Project website

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Building Bridges to Tomorrow - K-2 Project

The project will run from October 8 to December 7.

This project is an exciting, challenging and unique experience that allows very young people (and their teachers) to connect and collaborate. Students at the lower elementary level (typically grades K-2, 4-7 years old) use online tools to share and discuss real-world scenarios that aim to pique interest as to similarities and differences between classes and cultures.

Project Website

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Windows to the World - Grades 3-6

This project will run from October 15 to December 11

Windows to the World is an 'Intercultural Penpals' project where students in Grade/Year 3-6 write, respond, communicate, and develop online learning and digital citizenship skills. Teams are formed across different schools and countries. The tool Edmodo is used as the communication platform. Other tools include Padlet and Google sites. Outcomes include real-time Student Summits.

Project website
Windows to the World project activities are shown in the image below.
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Endangered Animals - Grades 3-6

The project will run from October 22 to December 7

Students in Grade/Year 3-6 explore the global issue of endangered animals and foster meaningful discussion with others. Outcomes will include student-driven solutions shared through the creative use of technology. APPLY HERE for the special subscription rate for the 18-2 semester.

Project website

Endangered Animals project activities are shown in the image below.
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Global Youth Debates - Grades 5-12

The project will run from September 17 to December 7

A global collaborative project created around research and formal debating that uses Web 2.0 tools to join students from diverse cultures for authentic debate. Students in Grade/Year 5-12 debate on a global issue that will bring together diverse ideas, develop transferable skills and create lasting friendships.

Project website

The Norms of Online Collaboration - The behaviour, attitudes and practices we want to see when we collaborate globally

Based on 'The norms of online global collaboration' in The Global Educator by Julie Lindsay, Published by ISTE, 2016.
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