Posadas, Argentina

Amy, Tyler, Shianne


Posadas is a quaint little city of 201, 273. Its located on the shore of the Paraná River, literally right across the river from Encarnación, Paraguay. Posadas is the capital of the Misiones province, just miles away from the ancient ruins. The city is in an area where the weather is always great. Sunny, warm, and slightly humid. Thick vegetation grows all over the river's shore.

Historic human features of Posadas

In the Spanish colonial period, San Ignacio Mini was one of many missions founded by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). With the mission, a miraculous square was built consisting of a church, a council building, a cemetery, a monastery, and a few houses. The square is all in ruins now, but is still a great tourist location!
Posadas is filled with many historic parks and monuments to visit. The monument of Andres Guacurari being one of the most visited. Just outside of the heart of the city, there are swamps and large farms loaded with history and beauty. It is worth the visit.

Amazing physical features

The Iguazu national park is one of the largest forest reserves in South America, aside from the Amazon of course. It has some amazing things to offer. Tons of colorful birds, rare insects, and beautiful plants can be found alongside stunning waterfalls. Iguazu is located just outside the misiones province, with waterfalls from the Parana river.