"What is this coaching thing?"

Let's dig into what it means to be in a coaching cycle...

Coaching Cycles vs. Coaching Fly-bys

Coaching Fly-bys

The fly-by is the way that I am most easily and most frequently used. Do you have a question that you need an answer to right now? Do you need a resource to help you implement a new strategy in your classroom? Do you want feedback/data on a specific strategy you are trying or on a goal you are working on as a teacher? Do you want the latest research to help you decide the best technique to try? Do you just want to come into my relaxing, calm, in the middle of nowhere office to sip coffee or eat chocolate? Well, those are all fly-bys. They can be done in a few minutes or a few days. They are on-the-spot and quick.

Coaching Cycles

Coaching cycles are a more intense, reflective process that take about 4-6 weeks. We focus on specific student-centered learning goals and together we plan, create, teach, reflect, assess, reflect and repeat until the goal has been met. During this cycle, we will try different teaching strategies and techniques, we will model for and observe each other and hopefully get to the point where we will be co-teaching our lessons. The motto of a coaching cycle is that

"Two Heads are Better Than One." So, together we will be constantly collecting student work, reviewing our plans and our chosen strategies and then reflecting on how what we're doing is affecting student learning. We will engage in action research to weed out ineffective strategies and strengthen the ones that are working. This process is messy and at times, frustrating. However, if we come in with an open-mind and a willingness to work together and reflect on our practices, it will be a very rewarding experience for the both of us.