Dead Is A Killer Tune

By: Marlene Perez


Jessica is no ordinary girl that lives in Nightshade, California. She is a virgo who is destined to protect her town from the supernatural. Everything seems to be slow and calm in Nightshade until a flute, that is supposed to Peter Pipers, goes missing from an estate sale. After that happens musicians or anybody related to music start to die, or get badly injured, or start acting different in ways that other people don't understand, and said it was all because of a beautiful flute playing. This all starts happening after the Battle of the Bands comes to her town. Jessica believes that the one behind it all is one band called Hamlin competing. In the end after many mysterious events Jessica finds out that it was not Hamlin, but Hamlin's manager Mr. Peverell, who is the Pipier.


This book is one of many following all of Jessica's adventures fighting off the supernatural to protect her town, Nightshade. They are all fiction, of course, so there are many fictional creatures in all of the books.