Asperger Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Seemingly awkward social interaction, or completely missing underlying points in social interactions.

Unable to react or comprehend to interactions such as sarcasm.

Restricted and highly patterned behaviors and interests, often going on major infatuations with one subject for months or years.

Physical clumsiness and odd use of language

Lack of empathy

However, they will not be withdrawn around others (like an autistic individual would), but would awkwardly approach situations.

Having routines that cannot waiver or change.


Named after a pediatrician, Hans Asperger, who studied children who lacked nonverbal communication skills in 1944, although the modern perception of Aspergers became about in 1981 and was a standardized diagnosis in the later 1990's.

The cause of this disorder is still mostly unknown, but believed to be somewhat genetic, and the only treatment known is behavioral therapy. It is witnessed that most children do improve their symptoms as they grow into adulthood.

Asperger Affects Who?

Many famous people in history have been affected by Aspergers, from back in history such as Isaac Newton and Jane Austen. The well-known today figures could include Susan Boyle (from British Got Talent) and Microsoft's creator, Bill Gates. These people, though awkward in social situations, are driven by the extreme obsession or infatuation with a very narrow or specific subject for large amounts of time.
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