Julitza Arvizu

All about me!


My name is Julitza, I'm from Dallas, Tx. Now I live here in Irving, Tx. My family is from here (Texas). Most of my older family is from Mexico. We would go to Mexico, city to visit my great grandparents! Its really awesome. My parents are awesome! Their names are Mercedes and Brian! My mom is 29 and my dad is 30! Along with my awesome sister Gizelle, she is 6 years old!

My personal interests.



Avid is one of my favorite classes its very fun they show you how to be organized. You get more involved in school. You get to help set up different events such as pep-rally's, dance and more. You get to take college field trips. There would be important speakers coming to talk, to avid students. I would like to share a AVID video with you, I thought it was very inspiring to me. Hopefully to you to. :)
People Like Me (AVID Video)


1. Save money instead of spending it.

2. Improve myself by being a leader, helping others.

3.Redo my room make it more organized.


1. Get a good job that will pay me good.

2. Be successful be bright, follow the right path.

3. Own a business once I graduate and get a good job!

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Learning STYLES.

I have to SOCIALIZE/INTERACT with people if I have to work on something; it helps me more than working by myself.

It needs to be VERBAL I have to hear it and write it.

I also need to see a VISUAL of the topic, I need to see images and colors.

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