Percecution in the 21st century

Types of persecution to this day

What Happens in: Algeria?

In Algeria; a man was trying to spread the word of Jesus. Trying to do so, he gave a CD to his neighbour about Jesus and what he did. The Algerian Police found out about this and saw this as a wrong doing, so they sentenced the man to 5 years in jail and he was fined 1,700 dinar (Algerian currency). This was all because he tried to spread the word of Jesus Christ our Savour. I find this very shocking indeed.
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What Happens in: Iraq?

Forced to leave..

There was a man who was threatened by robbery, rape, kidnap and bombing. This man was forced to leave Iraq because of this. That is not fair in the slightest; the leist they could do is track down the man who threatened to do such things and maybe even force HIM to leave the country, rather than the man who was threatened