Face Forward Agency

Deborah Alessi

Generous wings of Face Forward

No people stay alive for life on this earth, but by any means they are not supposed to quit living their normal lives. However, increasing events of domestic violence led many people to end their lives inanely. This happens due to the practice of domestic violence. Basically, domestic violence is practiced by a spouse, ex-spouse, a boyfriend or girl friend. It is recorded that in every 15 seconds, the United States experiences the act of a domestic violence. This affects the family and the victim to a great extent. In many cases, they suffer from a long lasting trauma. There are many women who end their lives by committing suicide.

In order to provide a caring touch of support, Face Forward is established in the City of California. This is a non-profit organization that runs by the contributions/donation from several community leaders around the nation. The CEO/Founder of the organization is Deborah Alessi.

Face Forward Organization is vowed to provide physical and emotional reconstruction to men, women and children who have been victimized by the evil practice of domestic violence. Deborah Alessi can feel the pain of such victims who does not know how to address their problems. With Face Forward Agency, Deborah aims to identify the victims from the rural places, and provide them the best possible treatment.

With her current husband Dr. Alessi, she organizes different fund raising events and awareness programs in different part of the cities. She wants all to come forward and take a generous step to fight against this elevating issue. It is noticed that, some critical acts of domestic violence leads scar on victim’s face or skin. This needs them to undergo serious surgical treatments. Many of them cannot even undergo the required treatment due to financial lacking.

To facilitate the victims with a life changing outcome, Face Forward is teamed up with a professional group of surgeons. They are vowed to provide them a sensitive and result oriented healing touch. In addition, the organization is also focused on assisting the victims by providing them certain complementary reliefs such as legal assistance, housing and jobs.

Deborah Alessi has proved many people wrong by her reconstructive efforts. What she feels is that, one should not hold back from giving his/her life a second chance. Life has many ups and downs, but it is completely you who must not lose the control. With her generous contributions to the society, Deborah feels relaxed to some extent, but she knows this is just the beginning.