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Upcoming Task and Dates to Remember for this Week.

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This Week May 2-6

Remember our Extreme Transformation Challenge... Send before pictures to gruert@gcsnc.com

  • May 2-8 Children's Book Week
  • May 4- Regional Elementary BOB competition Wish Barbra Farrell and her students at Northern Elementary Luck.

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Dates to Remember

  • May 10thApril GCS Reads 20 Minutes Due •
  • May 11th – Middle School PLC (Guest Speaker on Primary Resources for Middle)

  • May 11th - High School PLC (Guest Speaker on Primary Resources for HIGH)•

  • May 12th – Elementary PLC Falkener Elementary
    (NOTE LOCATION CHANGE) (Guest Speakers on STREAM and Summer Reading Programs)

  • May 20 – CIPA Due for HS

  • May 30- Memorial Day Holiday

  • June 2 - DLMI/AMTR and all end of year reports due online

  • June 10- Principal Sign Off on DLMI DUE

  • June 30- All Inventories FINALIZED in Destiny.

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Collaborative Project for High School Students in NC and Yucatan, Mexico

The Anthropology department and the Wilson Library at UNC Chapel Hill are working together to plan an international collaboration between high school students in North Carolina and Yucatan, Mexico. They are recruiting students and teachers who are interested in this innovative project that will focus on archival documentation of identity and migration.

North Carolina students will work closely with counterparts in the Yucatán to identify and interpret historical documents. The fundamental question that participants will address is: What does it mean to be Maya and to have a history? Their responses and archival discoveries will be shared through social media and webcast workshops, and documented in a traveling exhibit that will be featured in central North Carolina and in towns in the Yucatán. The exhibit will be produced by the students, and engage them in the application of archival skills and the production of cross-cultural knowledge. As a capstone, students will travel to the other country in a weeklong exchange (two weeks total) and share their experiences during the exhibit presentation."

If interested, please contact Claire Novotny: cnovotny@live.unc.edu, or 919-923-8677

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Check out the GREAT things going on at Northern High School.

Pat shares out a weekly newsletter called the NEst News each week digitally. In it she highlights her library and the wonderful things she is doing. Check out her Friday Pop-Up Maker Space Idea...
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K–12 Education/Research/Technology Funding Opportunities

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GASL cordially invites you to our End of the Year event!

Let’s celebrate the end of a long year and honor those who are retiring. We hope you can join the festivities.

Drop by and join us for whatever time you can!

You have your choice of boxed dinner – all served with dessert, too!

  • Chicken Salad Croissant
  • Turkey Wrap
  • Ham and Swiss
  • Veggie Wrap
  • Sweet and Unsweet tea

Please choose your meal option on the linked survey below and send payment (checks to GASL) for $9.00 to Aislynn Denny at Guilford Middle School

(plan ahead – remember courier only runs a few days a week so plan accordingly)

Click here to make your dinner choice (by May 20!)

We need your input

Many media specialist are in need of a good sub that knows Destiny and simple Library procedures. Do you know who to recommend?

Library Media Services

Have a wonderful week!