The Detroit Experience

By : Justice Buford & Nathan Artt

What Is The Detroit Experience?

The Detroit Experience is a sports fans paradise vaction. The winner will get to meet star players from the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers teams. The winner will also get to practice with the teams and watch all the games live from the dugout or bench dressed in the teams uniforms. The winner will be staying at a five star resort and will being flied in first class and all expenses including meals are paid by us.
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We choose make a wish because many children look up to these sports players and this would be a really cool way to show that their favorite sport players are looking out for them and helping them earn money to help support their medical bills.

Opening Bid - $5,000

The Value

The fan will get to meet some of the biggest names in sports and get signed items from them. The winner also will get to practice with the teams and watch the games from the bench with while dresses up in their signed uniforms.

The experience will take place between September 17 - September 26

Hotel, Airfare, Meals, Tours

The winner will be staying at the five star hotel called The Townsend Hotel complete with a suite containing a living room and two bedrooms. They also will be flying first class on Virgin Airlines which was recently ranked as the top airline in the United States of America. The fan will also receive a free tour around Detroit with Show Me Detroit Tours to see the various sights and sounds of Detroit. Lastly, for meals, the winner will eat at various five star restaurants such as Joe Muer Seafood, Roast, Texas de Brazil and many mor

Interaction, Tickets and Entry, and Age Limits with number of people

  • Tickets and entry to 1 Detroit Lions game and 4 Detroit Tigers games
  • Interaction with Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, Brad Ausmus, Jim Caldwell
  • Age Limit and number of people that can be brought - Age 12-70 , 3 people

Off Limits

No vandalism, No stealing, and no roaming around the halls without a monitor. No harassing the players on both teams. If caught breaking any of these rules, the winner we be sent home without a refund.


The fan will get a Calvin Johnson jersey complete with pads, a helmet, gloves, and shoes. All these items will come on a manikin signed by all the Lions players. They also will receive a signed Detroit Tigers uniform signed by the the Tigers players.

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