Jackson: The Man With A Plan

By Jake Bass Per.2

Jackson's Spoils System

The spoils system was was one of the ways President Andrew Jackson persuaded Americans to support him in the run for presidency. He promised to give government jobs to his supporters regardless if they were qualified for the position or not. Many people believed Jackson was a genius for coming up with the idea, but others thought that replacing government officials with less-qualified citizens would lead to the Nation's demise. Jackson ignored this warning and replaced his cabinet with his supporters soon after he was elected.

Nullification Crisis

When Congress put the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 into effect, most southerners were unhappy that trading with European countries would now be more expensive. South Carolina was extremely upset by the tariffs and decided to try to nullify them. Jackson said that South Carolina couldn't nullify the tariffs, so South Carolina threatened to secede from the union. Jackson then came back and threatened to hang South Carolina born Vice President John C. Calhoun. South Carolina soon backed down after they heard of the news and the conflict was resolved.

Indian Removal Act

The Cherokee were a well-developed native tribe that lived in Georgia. When citizens of Georgia learned that the land where the Cherokee lived was suitable for crops and filled with gold, they went to the Federal Government for help with removing the Natives so the land could be used for the public. Jackson then put the Indian Removal Act into effect which told Native tribes they had two years to leave peacefully. When they didn't, Jackson went to more drastic measures.

Killing The National Bank Cartoon

This cartoon represents Andrew Jackson issuing the order to remove all public funds from the National Bank. The Bank pillars crumbling to the ground represents the bank dying and becoming no more. The demon bankers being sucked underground represents Jackson's hate for the National Bank and labeling it as evil. The smiling man behind Jackson represents the public's positive feedback to the bank being shut down.

An Opinion On The Indian Removal Act By A Southerner

You cannot begin to understand how much I applaud you for listening to us and issuing the order for the removal of the Native Tribes. The gold deposits and land that formally belonged to the Cherokee tribe will help our Nation's economy a ton. Not only will it benefit our Nation as a whole, but it will also help the Plantation owners that require more land for their crops. You have done a magnificent deed today and us southerners appreciate it dearly.

An Opinion On The Indian Removal Act By A Cherokee

How dare you think you can remove us from our land! We have lived peacefully here for many years without conflict from your people. We have been here longer than your people and didn't complain when you decided to come here and steal all of our resources. Do you realize how humiliating it is to get evicted from your own land? You can try all you want to make us leave us, but our people are strong and we will not move.