The Colgan Connector

Celebrating Our Inclusive and Diverse School Culture

Welcome to the first issue of the Colgan Chronicles! A bi-weekly communication of our unique Colgan Culture. In these pages, you will read about student's wonderful activities and successes during Colgan's historic first year as we form our culture and community.

Leadership Class begins Powerful Collaboration

Students from Mr. Kerns' Leadership Class have begun a creative and meaningful project! Every Friday these students spend their class period participating with students in Ms. Misencik's adaptive PE class. The interactions and relationships they have already created have been nothing short of magical! The class has an incredible experience, and the interactions with the leadership class have been great!.

Junior Rile Overchurch says, "I love this project! It makes me proud of our community and our school."

Homecoming Dance

Friday October 18th was a special day in Colgan History. While the school was alive with Spirit Week excitement, the first ever school dance was sponsored by the leadership class and Ms. Misencik's adaptive PE class. The classes decorated the gym, everybody danced, and history was made. "It was a great event. The leadership class had three separate committees to make this dance happen," said Ms. Misencik. "They put in a lot of work, and it paid off."

Fin Friends

A unique club has emerged at Colgan, with committed students and a powerful purpose. It is having a major impact. Fin Friends is committed to fostering opportunities for relationships with all students. Fin Friends, led by co-presidents Payton Brooks and Brianna Heckert, and is sponsored by Mrs. Nancy Dow. Fin Friends is committed to creative and fun ways for students to meet and learn from one another. The Friends escorted students at the Pep Rally, decorated for the Homecoming Dance, and provided baked goods and other treats for Halloween. Junior Nicholas DeGuzman says, “Fin Friends is great because it gives us a chance to be friends with these kids who are normally thought to be different but are really so fun and great to be around.” The club is building an exciting network of creative, idealistic students making an important contribution to Colgan Culture!

Students make Pep Rally Memorable

Spirit Week at Colgan was a huge success, as students donned costumes for theme days and eagerly awaited the pep rally, Homecoming Game and dance. Friday started with the Colgan cheerleaders collaborating with students in Ms. Jones Employment class to create their unique Shark Skin bracelets. The bracelets were given to football players for good luck. The bracelets have since become highly valued spirit wear!

The pep rally was an energetic and raucous affair. A highlight from the pep rally was the Colgan football team and the Fin Friends escorting students. This unforgettable moment was greeted by some of the loudest cheers of the students, a powerful statement of an emerging school culture of inclusiveness, diversity and acceptance.