Twisted Minds

By: Chloe B P.2

Among the dark, non-trust worthy world, among the heart rinching, unpredictable people , among the thoughts of selfless, cold-hearted killers, murders make their claim. Sometimes you can see the truth thorough there cover , but sometimes your wrong. Serial killers are much diffrent than you might think.

Even in the early ages of children you can begin to see their dark side shine through. To my suprise, they are normally shy, quite, and insucure. Not saying every shy person will grow up to become a murder. A lot of actions you will see these potintial killer do it bed-wet. Kinda gross ... *correction* gross! I'm unsure why, but this is just what I know. There hatered for them selfs cause them to break through the circle. Realesing this hate is resoulting to torture, and fire starting. But that's only the begning.

Serial killers seclude themselfs from everyone, doing so eliminating the liklyness of getting caught. Also buying everything with cash provides a track free path. Most of them spend hours apone hours on the internet figuring out their plan. People like this dedicate them self to making a master plan. Although they normally fail :( . One of the most important thing though is they don't have a phone. A cell phone is the easiest way to track someone down. This is how detirmed they are , willing to go with out a phone.

What causes them to kill is diffrent and veryes from person to person. Some motivations are fears of being rejected, power, and perfection.

The feeling of power over to detirmened if their victume lives or dies becomes adicting. "The power to cause pain is the only power that matters" - Unknown

Some seek to " improve " something. As if what there doing is actually good and should be thanked. When they see a group of people who are " unclean " such as woman. Removing them would be improving the world.

Rejection also plays a role in why they kill. As a child they're normally distant from their parents and don't fit in with kids their age. It's one of the major themes of most serial killers. They steer away from making painful relationships. Terrified of being abandoned, humiliated, or exposed. When their victim is dead their is no way they can run away or make fun of them.

Who they target also has an explanation. Each person is different. those who target their woman usually caused from their mothers. Dominated by there mothers they have powerful hostility toward other woman. Resistances toward their distant, absent, abusive fathers they have trouble with male authority figures. Reasoning why some target males. How they grew up effects them tremendously.

Of course there is always a price to pay for your actions. Second degree murder is charged with at least 15 years in prison to life in prison. On the other hand though first degree murder is a little different. Death penalty could come to play in their sentence at the most major consequences. Life in prison a definite charge. They also have no chance for parole.

People who murder know they are going to jail. Although they do it anyway. They don't really think they are doing any wrong. How they think is so different than other people. as they are in jail they have no regret . Which is cruel and absurd.

These people are unpredictable and dangerous. Understanding how they think and act could help you stay aware. Everyone is different in their own way. serial killer take that saying to a whole new level.


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