Modern Dance

Billie Avila

what is modern dance?

Modern dance was born in the early 20th century. During the 1900ds European dancers started changing the rules of classical ballet. Making modern dancing, Where they could be more relaxed and free through their dancing. Modern dance is based off of the performers interpretations. or feelings. A lot of modern dances you will watch tell a story or focus on an emotion that can be figured out by the music, the way the dancer(s) are dressed and the way their body moves along with their facial expressions.

Martha Graham,Gene Kelly, and Mary Wigman

Martha Graham is considered the queen of modern dance. She is considered as one of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century. She choreographed one hundred and fifty dances in her life time and even today her legacy lives on.

Gene Kelly is one of the biggest stars of "Hollywood's golden age of musicals" He brought dance to the big stage. Also being a big influence on the music video industry.

Mary Wigman was considered one of the greatest European dancers of the 20th century.

she called the style of her dances "dark and expressive" she tried to bring real human emotions into her dances. Her style was brought to America by one of her students who started a school in New York called The Mary Wigman School of Dance.

Above are pictures of the famous dancers