Stella & Dot meets Sex & the Suburb

baubles & bling

What's Stella & Dot? What's a Trunk Show?

GLAD YOU ASKED! It's a fabulous little pop-up boutique of baubles & bling, delivered right to your livingroom for you & your girlfriends to enjoy while sipping on wine, trying on gorgeous jewels and accessories & getting caught up...there's only one catch...the average hostess gets $100's in FREE & 50% jewelry & accessories! YEP, that's right! $100's in FREE STUFF...
What are you waiting for? Let's secure a date for you now!

How did I get started in the amazing opportunity?

Hi, I'm Tanya Lunder...wifey, mommy to 1 flesh baby & 1 fur baby, lover of all things shiny & yes, I am a shopaholic! So when my hubby & I decided that it was best for our family for me to stay home & raise our all of a sudden dawned on me that my usual source of "mad money" was now MUCH, MUCH less than it was pre-family, when I was a career lady in upper management for a big box company, making a comfortable wage. Though I knew that raising my son was the most amazing job I'd ever had...I also knew I couldn't go without our usual vacations, shopping sprees, visits to the spa & hair salon for the foreseeable future! At first I didn't know what to do, where to look for some expendable income...I looked into a ton of different options but none of them suited our family or financial needs...or they did but it meant I wouldn't sleep or possible never see my hubby...both of which were not viable options. I'm a FIRM believer that things happen for a reason, so I "put it out to the universe" exactly what I was looking for, and you know what they careful what you wish for... ~*BAM*~ ...I was introduced to Stella & Dot shortly there after & just knew it was absolutely the right fit, not just for me (frankly, that part was obvious! Styling people, with beautiful baubles, while sipping wine AND getting PAID GOOD MONEY to do so?!?!? No brainer!) but it was the right solution for our family and so here I am, Lead Stylist with Stella & Dot and loving every minute of it! I've since added 5 lovely ladies to my team & working towards any one of our unbelievable incentives, meeting some truly great women & having loads of fun! Did I mention making really good money! It almost feels wrong to make money while having this much fun, it goes against everything I ever knew about working a J.O.B...right?!
If you or anyone you know is interested in joining my fabulous team, please let me know!