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Ms. Cipriano's Newsletter - Week of November 30th

Weekly Academics

Reading Street:

•Question of the Week; “What special animals live in the grasslands?

•Amazing words: grassland, cub, joey, foal, pup and calf

•We recognized and named uppercase and lowercase letter: Pp

•Identified initial and final /p/ words like pan and top

•High- frequency words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, like and my (please practice writing and reading HFW)

•Singular and plural nouns / proper nouns

•Adjectives (ask your child to sing you the adjective song!)

•Used our “rubber bands” to help sound out CVC words

•Some of our favorite books that we read are Snowmen At Night, Celebrating Chanukah, and Animal Babies in Grasslands


•Reviewed headline, midline and baseline

•Practiced writing uppercase and lowercase letters Ss, Aa, Mm, Tt and Pp

•Helpful strategies when writing

(finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation)

•After reading the story Snowmen At Night, the students had to imagine what they would do if they were snowmen at night. The students were very creative in their responses! Some responses include, having a dance party, snowball fight and playing football.

•After completing our first Writer’s Workshop packet, we began our second one this week. We are using nouns to help us generate and select ideas. The students absolutely love Writer’s Workshop!

enVision Math:

•Identified and wrote numbers to 20

•Problem solving strategies to identify the missing numbers

•Numbers on a number line

Social Studies/Science:

•Our ELA program provided a great link to Social Studies as the students learned about the various animals that live in a grassland.

•We are beginning to talk about Hanukkah and Christmas and the traditions that accompany each.

SEL: We continue to sit as a class and place ourselves somewhere on the Mood Meter J We had a former student come read to our class this week! Our first grade friend read beautifully to us. Thank you, Matthew!

Important :)

We are learning all about the holidays and the traditions that accompany them. Each year, one mom or dad sends in potato latkes for the class to have. If you are interested in sending in potato latkes for us to eat, please email me. Please do not feel obligated. I will reach out to the first email sent to me. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

Peek at Next Week

-Bear Snores on / New amazing words

-Letter sound /k/ spelled Cc


-Numbers to 100

-Winter holidays


Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9:30am

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

Wear your best WACKY outfit to school!

Cultural Arts Show

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 11:45am

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

This show will be held at school during the day.

The Kindergarten Dance

Friday, Dec. 11th, 6:30-8:30pm

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

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