Primary Math Group

Making the mathematical magic happen....

Welcome to an exciting year

As we look forward to another year of learning and laughing together, here are a few highlights to look forward to:

Two full days PD for the Primary Math Group with Peter Sullivan as well as hearing from the schools who Peter has worked with. Dates below.

Twilight for looking at how we continue to keep the magic happening.

Work samples being uploaded frequently with each school regularly checking for gaps.

Teacher hub revamp - How is this being used? What needs to go, or stay or be refreshed?

Essential agreement - Possibility of a small working party to move this document from being processes and structures, to pedagogy and philosophy.

Action plan - looking forward. We will look at this at the start of the day, October 30.

Peter Sullivan - October 30 and March 4

We will be working as a Primary Math Group with Peter Sullivan on October 30 and March 4. These days will run from 8:30 - 4:30.

The focus is on developing our skills as leaders of teaching and learning in the area of mathematics.

To support Peter in his preparation for the first session, October 30, please go to the link below and respond ASAP.

Each school has the option of sending 2 people - see Gateway for sign up.

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Scope and sequence update

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