By david R.,Marco V.,Noah H.

Look at timberview's most common trees.

The live oak,red cedar,s.magnolia,Texas red oak

The live oak

  1. Common name- Live oak tree or southern live oak
  2. The live oak is known to live in forests near buildings or oceans they are great at resisting salt spray.
  3. Live oak trees have been known to live upwards of 200 years.
  4. the leaves on a live oak tree are small and and have a waxy feeling these leaves are similar to those of the southern magnolia yet smaller.
  5. the live oak trees produce flowers called catkins that bloom upside down.
  6. in order to reproduce live oak trees will grow small acorns and use them as seeds for new trees.
  7. Live oaks often suffer from a parasite like insect called aphids that will feed off of the trees newly grown leaves until the trees leaves are drained of life.

Texas red oak

1.commonly referred to as the Texas red oak or the southern red oak2.Often found in Texas 3.lives best in acid gravels and sand of north central and central Texas4.known to live 200 years!5.small leaves that are similar to maple leaves6.the Texas red oak does not produce flowers7.the Texas red oak will reproduce through the planting and growing of acorn seeds8.Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that will feed off of the vascular system of the tree.

Red cedar

  1. Often referred to as a Red cedar
  2. The red cedar is native to most of US
  3. Some Red Cedars are known to grow for up to 500 years!
  4. This tree's leaves are similar to a pine tree's needles except that they are larger and more layered.
  5. the Red oak produces berries and cones rather than flowers
  6. Trees will reproduce through dispersing cones.

Southern mangolia

  1. the southern magnolia is often referred to as a southern magnolia.
  2. The southern magnolia is native to southern parts of the US
  3. the southern magnolias are known to live for very long.
  4. the leaves are oval shaped with a point at the end and with a very waxy texture
  5. the southern magnolias will create a creamy whit flower.
  6. the southern magnolia will reproduce through seeds that are similar looking to beans.
  7. Cephaleuros virescen is a parasitic algae that lives off of the southern magnolia often creating black spots on its leaves.


what organisms are dependent on trees? Most biotic organims are dependent on trees whether it is for life saving air or food, trees are essential to life.trees on the Timberview middle school campus have several effects some good some bad for instance when it is warm outside people can find shade under trees, although during the fall fallen leaves will cover the campus. trees will also add visual appeal to the campus. A couple limiting factors of these trees are weeds around the trees, not enough sunlight, spacing meaning trees will eventually run into each other allowing for only a limited number of trees to live in an area, insects eating at the trees, and any possible storms that could uproot the trees or flood them.Trees need certain abiotic factors in order to live such as sunlight ,water , soil.

planning on growing a tree? what you need.

  • To start, you’re going to need to dig a hole. No need for an outrageously large hole, you will need a hole just large enough to fit the clump of roots at the bottom of the tree, the root ball.
  • next you will lightly place the root ball into the hole packing soil around it to secure it.
  • laying down mulch once your tree is secured will help it grow.
  • Now all you need to do is water you plant, plants respond well to irregular deep watering (filling the basin or area with water) this can give the tree all the water it needs for several weeks.