Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Monday: Laura Bush middle school will be here to go over 6th grade schedules. There will be a parent meeting at Laura Bush at 5:30.

Tuesday: Symphony Field Trip. Please remember students need to dress nice. No athletic cloths or shorts.


This week in reading students will read "Old Yeller" and examine character traits from characters in the story. Spelling test and comprehension quiz on Thursday. Unit 4A test on Friday.


We will continue with Unit 8: Geometry and Measurement. Students will working on converting measurements this week. We will take Unit #8 content and vocabulary test on Friday.


This week in science we will begin Unit 7: Earth, Moon, and Sun. Students will compare and contrast all three and be able to compete a Venn-Diagram.

Social Studies

Week #13: Manifest Destiny. Weekly quiz will open on Friday and is due by Monday.