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As the industrialization broadened it's conventional landmarks, various sectors across the globe needed a centralized storage to store their sensitive data. The epochs prior to the advent of cloud hosting have seen the various enterprises resorting to local network for their storage needs. Since cloud hosting was brought into existence, the definitions of the most reliable storage got changed. Cloud hosting is a technique to use cloud servers to run websites on the internet. Being a highly streamlined technique, it offers the most reliable storage facility to the subscribers.

Cloud hosting presents an environmental friendly interface that saves on carbon emanation. The systems that support cloud are gigantic industrial outlets spherically armored with processors and hard drives that consume energy by megawatts. Top Rated Cloud Hosting Providers India Offers Dynamic Service. A research conducted by Harvard University briskly affirms that energy consumption will be reduced by 11.2 Twh if 80% of the public and private firms in various nations resort to cloud based e-mails, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and group-ware solutions. 93% of the cloud hosting india users witnessed at least 1 positive aspect/improvement in their IT departmental policies. A methodical survey recently conducted claimed that 64% of the firms that resorted to cloud hosting are saving a substantial fraction of energy thus deterring the wastage of resources. Vividly identifiable researches also claim that resorting to cloud services will be a royal way to save $12.3 billion energy by the year 2020.

Google funded research has also claimed that cloud hosting can save at least 23 billion kilowatt hours from a minimum of 86 million manpower in the U.S. Cloud hosting is also a reliable way to save 95% of the greenhouse gas emissions. The cloud solutions are indisputably the most viable energy savers if implemented prudently as per the firm needs.