Marine Biology

Presentation By: Ryan Winkler

What Do Marine Biologists Do?

Marine biologists main jobs are to teach people about marine life and to find ways to save marine animals. Something that a marine biologist may teach about is how to stop pollution in the oceans and how to help save marine life from going extinct. They also teach about the different animals in the ocean.

The Relationship Between the Job and the Environment

This job’s environmental relationship is helping animals. A marine biologist helps the animals by teaching people about the animals and the ocean. A marine biologist also teaches people how to respect the ocean and marine animals. They also teach people not to pollute. A marine biologist also finds ways to help create a better environment for the sea creatures.

What Kind of Degree Do You Have To Get in Order to Become a Marine Biologist?

This job requires a Masters Degree in Science and a Bachelors Degree in Science. It's worth going to college to become a marine biologist because once you become one, you can get paid $27,644-$109,785.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Being a Marine Biologist

Some advantages are traveling all over the world. If you’re a marine biologist, you also get to access equipment that is several thousands to millions of dollars worth. You also get to attend seminars that increase your knowledge of the oceans and equipment use to navigate them. Some disadvantages for being a marine biologist is you sometimes have to take care of sick and dying animals. Another disadvantage is that you sometimes have to swim with dangerous animals such as sharks and jellyfish. You never know when you might get attacked.

Any Other Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts are, when you’re a marine biologist, you get to discover new things, such as a new species of animal or a new type of jellyfish. You also get to travel to exotic locations and different countries to explore the water around the land. Last, you get to scuba dive a lot because it's pretty much your job to scuba dive and explore the oceans and seas.