Cost of living in the 1930s

By: Cameron Ackinclose and Tan Tonge

Cost of the average grocery visit

The cost of the average grocery store was much less than it is today. The cost to feed a family of four is $28.65. The amount that you would buy would last you for about a week. (Derks)

Cost of the average car

In 1930, the average price of a car was $640 ("The Year 1930 News, Prices and Popular Culture"). By August 2014, the average price of a car was up to $31,252 (Healey). The renders a price increase of 4783.125% between 1930 and 2014, which would be considered very significant.

Value of the dollar in the 1930s

Given that you have $1 today, then in the middle of the economic depression, you would have only 5 cents. If you had $100 today, then you would have a measly $5.66. Between 1934 and 2014, there was a total inflation of 1665.52%. ("Financial Calculators")

Average Price of a House in the 1930s

The average price of a home in the 1930s was about $7,150. The average price of a house today is about $175,000. That is a 2447.55% percent. ("Statistic Brain")