Touching Spirt Bear

Written by Ben Mikaelsen Poster by Steven Furlow


Cole in the beginning was horrible rude and inconsiderite, but this was partly due to his father beating him. After an attck by a spirit bear, and over a year of banishment, he finally changes. While there he helps Peter, his victem, over come his fear of Cole.

A symbolism used a lot in the book was the circle and fire. The Fire represented anger, and the circle represented the cycle of life. As well as that, birds, whales and wolves representing lonliness.

The overall theme of the book is that anyone can change, even repeter offenders like Cole.

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I am Garvey

I am fast and like to be in charge

I wonder why there is Obamacare

I hear the sounds of oppression by Communism

I see a country in the ruins

I want to end the Welfare program

I am Garvy

I pretend to imagine what it would be like to have that happen

I feel sad for those oprressed in Syria

I touch the blood of a juvinile deliquet

I cry at Hilary Clintons Communism

I am Garvey

I understand that changes take time

I say that the food at the school is terribale

I dream that wars will end

I try to end unfair sterotypicalness.

I hope that all of this will end.

I am Garvey.