Recipe For A Perfect World

What it should Be Like


1. Love

2. Happiness

3.Friends and Family

4.No poverty

5.No violence

6.A home for everyone

7. Food and Water

8. Transport

9. Fun

10. Respect

11.No Drugs

12. No Greenhouse Gases

13.No war


1.A table spoon of love.

2.A table spoon of happens.

3.A tea spoon of family.

4.A Pinch of no poverty.

5.A pinch of no violence

6.A tea spoon for house for everyone.

7.A table spoon of food and water.

8.A pinch of transport.

9.A cap of fun.

10.A table spoon of respect.

11.A pinch of no drugs.

12.A pinch of no greenhouse Gases.

13.A pinch of no war.

14.Bake In oven at 100 000 000m degrees Celeste for 7 days.