Asia's Endangered Animals

Works Cited Page

2 Sets of Works Cited

I have uploaded 2 sets of MLA formatted Works Cited pages each containing 5 pages: one that has unofficial easier to see pages, and one that has the official harder to read pages. The "Official" Works Cited version has pages that are harder to see (the size of the lettering becomes smaller) because Smore unfortunately does not have the ability to enlarge pictures. Smore makes pictures smaller depending on how tall they are. The taller they get, the smaller they become. Since an ordinary page size is long, Smore has shortened the puctures making them harder to read. That is why I made a second group of pages where I made cuts at the top and bottom of the pages to make them seem as short as possible, allowing Smore to make the images larger and easier to read. The reason of uploading these "official" pages that are harder to read is to retain the MLA formatting of the space from the paragraphs to the top, bottom, and sides of the pages.

Works Cited (Unofficial easier to see version)

Works Cited ("Official" harder to see version)