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The Top 5 Things To Do To Have A Successful End of 1st Semester!

There are 15 school days left in December AND 36 school days left before the end of 1st semester! Here are 5 things you can do to make sure your student has a successful end to 1st semester!

1) Sign-up and check Parent Portal weekly!

  • Last year Parent Portal changed, so if you have not resigned up get that done today!
  • Check your parent portal weekly between now and the end of the semester!
  • Celebrate good scores! Identify missing assignments and have students complete them before winter break
  • Please contact Mr. Urbina to set up your account: or 773/534-2340

2)Sign-up for Google Classroom

  • Sign-up for each of your student's classes on Google Classroom and get updates when assignments, tests, and quizzes are happening!

3) Check student attendance daily

  • Be on time - School starts at 8:00 am EVERY DAY! Get there early ad get some breakfast
  • Check attendance for any discrepancies and then correct them with Mr. Urbina in the attendance office
  • Attendance challenge - Starting November 18 - December 20 be on time every day and to all classes and receive prizes!
  • We have school on Jan 2 & 3, 2020. Students who attend both days will receive a FREE ticket to a school dance in February!

4) Start preparing for final exams NOW!

  • Final exams account for 10% of a students grade in each class
  • Final exams will take place the week of January 27- 30, 2020
  • Students need to study and prepare for their exams

5) Sign-up and set goals for Khan Academy before winter break

  • Sign-up for Khan Academy
  • Set a winter break goal to accomplish a certain amount of hours - 30 minutes a day?
  • Participate in the Mather Khan Academy contest
  • Khan Academy Codes: Class of 2021: YFG24RUT, Class of 2022: GA56QJ5Q, Class of 2023: BG4J5T77

Parents: students who attend school and classes on time, follow their student portal, study for final exams, and use Khan Academy will find success in their classes! But, they need your support! Celebrate their wins, help them keep up with the work, and make sure they get to school on time!

If you need support or have questions, please reach out:


Adriana Johnson -

Anna Rodriguez -

Paige Stenzel -

Sara Wong -


Oscar Urbina -

Chicago - The Mather Winter Musical

Join us this weekend for the debut of CHICAGO on Mather's stage!

December 6 & 7

6:30 pm

$10 Adult (age 14+) $5 Youth (age 3-13)

Winter Attendance Challenge

Students who are on time to school and every class EVERY DAY from November 18 - December 20 can win one of the following prizes:

*Mather Gear

*$20 off student debt

*Little Cesars Pizza Party

*Movie ticket to AMC

*2% increase in attendance percentage (Senior)

*Grade Nite reserved bus seating (Senior)

*Extra Graduation Ticket (Senior)

*First Choice for your Prom table (Senior)

Winter Spirit Week

Monday, December 16 - Winter Hat & Socks Day

Tuesday, December 17 - Winter Scarves & Flannel Shirts Day

Wednesday, December 18 - Winter Character Day

Thursday, December 19 - Seasons colors: 9th: Blue, 10th: White, 11th: Green, 12th: Red

Friday, December 20 - Ugly sweater day