Children of the Holocaust

Stacie Wiliams

How the children would say good bye to their family

Family members say goodbye to a child through a fence at the ghetto's central prison where children, the sick, and the elderly were held before deportation to Chelmno.

The children couldn't wear their normal close

The children had to wear on their shirts their Jewish stars. Some of the close were to big but they changed with other people.

When they were separated

The nazi's would separate young not sick men, from women. Then the children and sick were put together to die.

Food was small.

The kids really didnt get much food to eat. Some kids died because of the reason for very little food, and somehwere really skinny.

Another way they would kill kids..

The ss soldiers would put the kids and babies in a pit and shot them.

When all of it happened..

A lot of kids were killed but some lived, it all happened in a few years. It mainly all started when Adolf Hitler beacme chancellor of Germany in 1933. During the time period 6,000,000 were murdered but about 1.5 million were kids. The Jew's thought that everything would be okay after w\the war which was war of war 2. The Nazi's tried to take out the entire Jewish population.