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Where is Greenland?

72,0000 N,40,0000 W north east of canada west of iceland

Attractions and things to see.

Architecture: Hvalsey Church, Qaqortoq Museum, Great Greenland furhouse.

Tourist Attractions: Bornholm, Disko Island, Greenland National Park.

Natural Sites: Hot springs, Glaciers, Fjords.

Animals: wolves, seals , whales, arctic fox, hares, reindeer, lemmings

Plants: Bilberry, Crowberry, Reindeer Moss

Human Environment Interaction

People affect the environment by mining and fishing for shrimp and fish.

The environment has affected people by making them live on the coast where there is no ice.


People move by air planes, boats and coastal ferries.

Goods move by air planes, boats and coastal ferries.

Ideas move by boats, air planes, trade, mail and coastal ferries.


North Greenland, Destination Arctic Circle, Capital Region, National Park, East Greenland and South Greenland.