Why Was the Colosseum built

And how Did it affect the government?

By: Ammar Sulemanjee

Who built the Colosseum?

In Rome people weren't attracted to Greek sports. So Emperor Titus created the Colosseum for a demanding crowd. The Colosseum took eight years to be built in Italy and when it first opened there was a 100 day celebration in the Colosseum where there was a hundred days of sports.

What events go on in the Colosseum?

The most popular sport you guys know is gladiator fighting which started around 264 B.C., but that is not the only sport. There were also chariot racing, animal hunts, and animal fights. Over 50,000 people would come to these events.

Why where there gladiator fights?

At first gladiator fights were not for public entertainment, they were religious rituals. Afterwards slaves and prisoners of war are most likely to be put in a gladiator battle. But normal people can fight if they want they usually do it for fame and money but they don't have to fight everyday.Only convicted criminals fought everyday. But if the slaves or prisoners didn't fight they would die.

What is the Roman Government Like?

The roman government has three branches the Executive, Judicial , and Legislative. The person in charge ( dictator ) was elected by the senate to get to be dictator. But a dictators power only lasted for 6 months. The Roman government, though advanced for its time, was wrought with corruption and instability. The Senate would usually have more power over the Executive branch and there was very little independence among the branches of government, which tended to be heavily influenced by dominant political faction.

What is the Colosseum used for today?

After a 400 years the Colosseum wasn't filled with people, and have statues around it. Then came some earthquakes a whole section of the Colosseum broke and those bricks were used to build other buildings. People have tried to make use of the Colosseum but their ideas have all failed. So now in modern day Rome the Colosseum has many tourist visits and nothing else. But the Colosseum is still the most popular building in Rome.

How did the Colosseum and its events affect the Government?

Gladiator fights became more common because of government officials who sponsored munera's, those are very expensive funerals. Politicians sponsored the funerals to get more attention to hopefully get voted for by the people. This strategy especially worked for Julius Cesar, in 65 B.C. he ordered more gladiator fights so there would be more funerals that he could sponsor. Then later in 27 B.C. Emperor Augustus became worried of officials who sponsored funerals would overpower him. So Augustus changed the law and said that gladiator fights could only take place as a part of annual government festivals honoring Roman gods.

How has Rome affected the U.S ?

The founding fathers of this country actually took ideas from Rome and implanted those ideas in the U.S. Also just like Rome the U.S. has three branches Judaical, Executive, and Legislative. Another thing that is comparable is Romes Twelve Tables which is related to the U.S. Bill Of Rights.

How is the U.S. different from rome, government wise?

The United States distributes its power relatively evenly. Because each state has both local and national (federal) representatives, it helps promote the interests of the people in a way that Roman government did not. The American Republic is a lot more evolved and refined then that of Ancient Rome. Besides the U.S. gets a president not a dictator.

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