Tragic Hero: Spider-Man

By: Christian Eblin

6 reasons for being a "tragic hero"

1. Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker used his power for his own self benefit in the beginning.

2. Spider-Man didn't listen to his Uncle Ben which led to Uncle Ben getting shot.

3. Another instance of one of his tragedies is when Gwen Stacy, his girlfriend at the time, died from to his attempt to save her with his power.

4. No matter how much he struggles he can only make a small difference which is why his crusade will never end.

5. Due to him being a hero he must live a lonely life so no one else may get hurt

6. Spider-man has tried to help villains he has encountered, but no matter how hard he tries he fails to reach them, an example is when Peter's friend Eddie Brock who was angry at Peter for taking his girlfriend and so Peter tried to calm him down but in the end Eddie used the black suit which changed him into "Venom" and told him to kill Peter.


Spider-man should be considered a tragic hero since he was forced to give up having a life and distance himself from his friends and his Aunt May, who is really all he has left of family. He lives by the creed "With great power, comes great responsibility", which is what his Uncle Ben had told him.
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