iPhone VS Android

Which will you choose?

What is better iphone or android?

Hardware and software

The iPhone's hardware does not vary very much it is ether a A4, A5 or A6 chip but in an android the hardware can vary a lot due to the price range of the android phones, one of the reasons for this is that many company's use android for example (LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola)

Operating system

If you want to have the best features for you iphone or android phone then you may need to update your operating system to get them. On both devices this is a very easy task but iPhones are updated alot more often and can be

App store or Google Play

While the iPhone App store offers more apps than Google Play--over 775,000 versus over 700,000 (as of Jan. 2013)--overall selection isn't the only factor. Apple is famously strict (Some might say unpredictable) about what apps it allows and how it changes its policies, while Google’s standards for Android are somewhat more lax.

So overall which one should you buy??

IPhone is better than android on most of the attributes of the phone but android are cheaper and may be better for your personal preference, so it depends on your budget. IPhones cost the best part of £500 but you can a android from £100-600 so it is all preference.