what will change in our demography in the next 36 years?

Canada's demography today!

Today, around 34.88 million people live in Canada while the population itself is growing by 1.2%. in our generation, the birth rate is 10.28 births/ a 1,000 of the population while the death rate is 8.2 deaths/ 1,000 people although, the death rates are beginning to increase, which is why immigration is very important to Canada. Immigration has been keeping Canada well populated where as if we did not allow as many immigrants into Canada as we do today, our population would be extremely low causing our economy to plumage.

First nations in Canada.

while The first nations population in Canada alone is 1.2 million. A majority of first nations in Canada live in the Aboriginal reserves in Ontario. Although the aboriginal people were the first people to settle in Canada, many of them moved to first nations reserves were they could live their life based on their laws according to their beliefs and spiritual views. Currently, the growth rate of aboriginal people in Canada is 45%, a majority of the percentage are metis people. The metis are children who have one native parent and one non-aboriginal parent. The metis are begining to develop most of the first nations population today.

Why do the first nations live in reserves?

The aboriginals of Canada prefer to live in reserves. In the first nations reserves, the Aboriginal people can run their land how ever they like. in these reserves which are usually located in Ontario, the natives are able to school their children they way they please, and e.t.c.
KI First Nation invites strangers to live on northern Ontario reserve
this video demonstrates the difference between the native reserves and the non-reservation areas of Canada. this news cast had described how the reserves of the first nations is far less luxurious while the economy is not doing very well although their land does have many good things to offer.


Canada's demography in 2050!

The population of a country can be viewed using specific graphs geographers use called, population pyramids. In population pyramids displaying Canada's population today, the data displayed in these graphs can be used to predict the future population of Canada. we can see in these graphs that the population of Canada is decreasing. Canada's economy does not depend on how many people are living in Canada but how many people are contributing to the country's economy. therefore the economy of Canada could face troubles in the future based on it's population. the main cause of our future decrease in population is now that the generation of the baby boomers have begun to die off, today's generation has stopped having as many kids compared to the past generations which is why our population is decreasing. In 2050, the population will strongly depend on the immigrants coming to Canada therefore, Canada should start finding ways to better maintain their immigration policy since the economy and population rely on our immigrants.

The first nations in 2050!

the amount of first nations in Canada is increasing. I predict that around 2050, more and more first nations will start to have kids with non- aboriginal people which will result in many Metis children creating a bigger population of first nations in the future. I believe that in the future , the Metis will develop a great amount of the first nations population.

MY LIFE BY 2050!

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Canada 2050 by jasmine syed