Big Nate Flips Out

by: Lincoln Peirce


The main charachter in my book is Big Nate. He is twelve years old. He gets good grades. He helped the new kid in school out when he first started at Nate's school.

The story takes place at school.

Rising Action

Big Nate forgot his homework at home. The teacher yelled at him and made him stay after school and do his homework. If he forgets his homework again he has to go to the office. Nate gets picked by the Principal to show the new kid in school around.


The climax of my book is when Big Nate leaves the new kid by himself and he went to play football with his friends. The new kid sat down by himself behind the school. The principal called Big Nate over to play with the new kid.
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Falling Action

Than he had to play with him at reson and they play football with is freind
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they aren't freind any more because they get into a fight and he can play football with is friend
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