Mal is Eeeeevvvviiiiiiiilllll!!!!!


The Malicious Creeping Darkness

This is a dark, ominous, embodiment of evil... In a bottle!!! Buy yours today it will kill your enemies, your friends, your family, and you. It can turn invisible, kill stuff, give nightmares, and scare the fic out of you. Compared to other evil products this huge dark evil monster will destroy everything... That's why we're selling it, please take it. We're to young to die!!!!!! Plus all you homicidal maniacs will no longer need to do all the dirty work. Buy it now and be the only one who has this awesome, evil, scary, killing machine.


Have Fun.

Not suspicious guy

Friday, May 24th 2013 at 11:45pm-12:15am

Dark Alley, Mysterious City

Come to the dark alley way in the mysterious city at 12:00 during the full moon, nothing suspicious will happen. Also bring a gun for the mal cloud will try to hurt us. Don't worry though you're chances of surviving are 1/10 you might survive.


Once human, Malcolm was wandering the nearby forest of his home town of Athens. Being Athenian he always had a passion for knowledge. Every day he would enter the forest and study the various life forms. But today he had ignored the warnings of his elders and entered a different part of the forest. As soon as he entered the forest he realized his mistake. He quickly turned around but the path was blocked. He then decided to continue on this dark dangerous path, and then to his luck he found something no one had ever seen before. A small black blob had just fallen out of the sky, literally. Suddenly he felt the urge to follow it. It led him into a dark shrine. It is said that Gaea, the evil Greek goddess of earth and the mother of the evil titans and giants, created the greatest evil on this shrine. Thankfully the gods had managed to seal it away in the shrine but at the cost of 8 powerful gods lives. Now he was standing right in front of the most unknown place on Earth, he entered inside. While inside he saw many paintings and words telling of the evil creatures birth. Finally he got to the middle of the shrine and saw a hole in the ceiling. He stood on a podium and stared at the hole. He saw the full moon, then he saw nothing. Since that day no one could find him. For 3000 years no one had spoke a word about the evil in the shrine. In 1942 using the world war II for cover the FBI sent my grandfather to investigate the shrine. After the war in 1946 he came back to the U.S. with a growing black blob. Then that night he had kept hearing something whispering the word mal. Since then we have been trying to sell the blob which has grown 6x bigger than before.