What it Takes to Make a Sentence

By: Zoey Long

What is a Noun Phrase?

A noun phrase is a collection of word together that includes a one or more nouns (person, place, thing, or an idea).

For example, The apple sits on the front desk.

What is a Verb Phrase?

A verb phrase is a group of words put together enclosing a linking verb (a verb that links a subject to the information to the subject) or a action verb.

For example, The bird flies to the nest.

What is the difference between a linking verb and an action verb?

A linking verb does not express action, instead it connects the subject of the verb to the information about the subject. An example of a linking verb is: Chloe is insectophobic. Action verbs show action, something that a person, animal, or object can do like running, jumping, talking, and eating. An example is, Hunter runs home. As you can see their is a big difference!

What is the articles of the english language?

An article defines your nouns. articles are "a", "an" and "the".

For instance, The cup sat on the table.

why is "I" a pronoun?

A pronoun replaces a noun. Pronouns are me, my, it, I, we, she, him, he, her, they, them, etc. For instance, Zoey went to the store. You could replace "Zoey" with "I" or "she" (depends on the point of view). I went to the store. "I" is a pronoun because "I" replaces a name (a person which is a noun) with "I".