by: Alisha Detmer

What is Bullying

Bullying is were you physically or by your words are hurting that person, and you do it over and over again. There is a differance from bullying and teasing. Sometimes bullies only think they are teasing you so inform them that they are hurting your feelings

How to Stop Bullying

First you have to tell a trusted adult or teacher about what is happening and take their advice. Second don't try to manage the problem on your own so you should also tell a trusted friend or relatives. Third if the bullying doesn't stop contact your principal or right a bullying report on them.

Be a Friend Not a Bully!!!!!

When ever your friend is being bullied and see that, would you either do A: Make fun of them too, B: Stand up for your friend and go against the bully, or C: Don't get involved? If you picked A you are a bully. If you picked B you are a friend. If you picked C you are a bully-friend (friend/bully). So be a friend not a bully. Go anti-bully! You can make a difference! STOP BULLYING NOW!!!!
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