French and Indian War

Christina Valentino

New England

-Increased in resistance against the British Authorities.

-England worried about the united colonies.

Middle Colonies

- Middle colonies relied on grain production. Penn received some land to found Religious tolerant colony.

- Philadelphia had 20,000 people so it became the largest city of the colonies.

Southern Colonies

- Had the plantations which were tobacco, rice, and indigo.

- They had slaves for the labor.

- Many areas there were more slaves then the free whites.

French and Indian War

- France and Natives fight together to defeat Britain.

- The area is being taken over.

- Easier way to travel faster and trade easier.

- Source of water and food.

- British soldier have a disadvantage because they are easy targets and fight like gentlemen.

- They die fast in battles.

- Pitt takes control of Britain forces.

- The colonies are told to

- Join armies

- Give supplies

- Treaty of Paris signed in 1763.

- Ben Franklin wants each colony to create its own constitution.

- Franklin's proposes got denied.

- Britain gained all of Frances land.

- Spain lost Florida to Britain.

- Spain gained Louisiana territory.

- War cost England some money.

- All natives want Britain out.

- Peace treaty in 1766.