Augusto Pinochet

Dictator Of Chile

Did Pinochet deserve his arrest in 1998?

Augusto Pinochet

Born in Valparaiso, Chile November 25 1915. He attended local schools and went on to graduate from the chilean military academy in 1936. He graduated from several other Academies and finally worked his way through the ranks and became a division commander and eventually a general.

Pinochet's Rise to Dictator

Pinochet was second in command under General Carlos Prats for most of Allende's ruling. He then took over as commander and chief in 1973. He then organized an army that overthrew Allende and took total control.

While in Power

Pinochet exiled or killed thousands of people to get to his position of dictator. He removed Chile's congress and political parties, he limited press freedoms, and he put the military into complete control. He did this to eliminate any oppositions to his ideas.

Video Analysis

In this video it shows a personal view of Pinochet's rule in chile. Many civilians complain and want him to be arrested for his actions towards the people. 3000 people were killed my his regime and 1100 are still missing to this day. The video shows the true emotions the citizens have towards Pinochet's regime and shows how bad of a dictator he was.

Pinochet Poem

Augusto was born in a very small town,

Where he learned to fight and pound.

He went to academies to learn the ways,

It set him up to rule for days.

He moved up the ranks and worked very hard,

No one knew the country would be scarred.

Allende was overthrown and he took control,

He imprisoned citizens and took thousands of souls.

The economy was hurt and problems proceded,

All of the people began to get heated.

Only years later when he began to get sick,

The British government gave him a kick.

He died years later and the country was free,

To live a life of democracy.


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