Parents Guide to the IEP

Identifying Information

This section is pretty self-explanatory.

Present Levels of Performance

This tells you about how your child is performing in school and includes information from teachers and psychological evaluations.

Annual Goals

This is the section that explains what the IEP is going to help your child accomplish. The goals are based on your students strengths and needs.

Supports and Services

This section outlines how the school district is going to help your child meet his or her goals in the least restrictive environment.

Accommodations & Modifications

What your child needs to be successful in the general education classroom and to have equal access to the general education curriculum is explained in this section.

Participation in General Education Classroom

This explains exactly how much time and with what support your student will be in the general education classroom.

Transition Services

When you move from one school to another (e.g., from middle school to high school), you need to have a plan. That plan is outlined in this section.

Signature Page

Every person on the team should be at the meeting, or at the very least, listed as a member of the team. All members of the team, including parents, should sign to say they agree to what is laid out in the IEP.