Science Olympiad Competition

May 7th in Arlington Heights


Students have been working since February in preparation for this event. Townline competed against 12 other schools in Illinois for the 1st Pilot Elementary Science Olympiad. Townline was the only school in Lake County to participate. Students competed at South Middle School in Arlington Heights. We placed in 7 out of 10 events. Our students are SO proud of themselves.

On May 12th ALL students who have been training will compete against each other for the Townline Science Olympiad starting at 6:00PM.

1st Place Events:

Rock Hounds: Brian Li & Jacob Qian with Coach Dr. Kieffer (TL Principal)
Mystery Powders: Jacob Qian, Aashi Shah & Snigdha Chatterjee with Coach Dana Nelson (TL Parent)

2nd Place Events:

Trajeggtory: Andrew Palmer, Haley Kalinowski & Jacob Wang with Coach Kris Subramanian (TL Parent)
A is for Anatomy: Eric Zhong, Noah Song & & Anika Deshpande with Coach Zhanna Margulis (TL Parent)

3rd Place Events:

Aerodynamics: Victoria Burda, Jacob Wang & Noah Song with Coach Marc Infante (TL 5th grade teacher)
Backyard Biology: Hailey Diaz, Anika Deshpande & Snigdha Chatterjee with Coach Bikash Sharma (TL Parent)

5th Place Event:

Write It/Do It: Maya Raval & Jacob Wang with Coach Meenu Raval
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