State Government

By Jekshua Rincon

Bennett Ratliff

Bennett Ratliff represent District 115, which includes parts of Coppell, Irving, Farmers Branch and Carrollton. Bennett Ratliff graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.He founded The Ratliff Group, LLC, an engineering and construction management firm. He also was given the Distinguished Engineering Award from the Texas Engineering Foundation of the Society of Professional Engineers in recognition of his distinguished service to the engineering profession. He is an active member of local Republican clubs, Chambers of Commerce, the CISD Education Foundation, a volunteer for Special Olympics, a mentor to high school engineering students and a member of the National Rifle Association.

Coppell district

About 9955 students attend Coppell Isd. 67.78% of the population is 18-64 years old.

49.5% of the population in this district who are 25 and older has obtained a college education.

Only 26.1% of the population in the state who are 25 and older have obtained a college education.

The occupation most worked is Professional, scientific, management, administrative, and waste mgmt, which makes up 18.8% of the workforce in the district. Compared to the state that only has 10.6%.

Veteran Commisson

Texas veterans are guarantee their families receive all the rights and entitlements provided for veterans by law.

The main function of the this agency is to provide financial assistance to these veterans and to help the veterans of Texas, their dependents and orphans.

This agency impact Texas residents by serving veterans with professionalism and compassion while preserving the veterans’ dignity. Determines compensation and pension recipients by evaluating and auditing reports for the past 10 years. Provide effective representation and assistance on issues and claims to veterans, their dependents and their survivors in obtaining veterans’ benefits to which they are entitle

3 different professions/jobs within the Agency

  • trainer

  • salesman (get the word out)

  • Management

The Department of Veterans Affairs

In the state of V.A, they are change the agency to help satisfy more of the veterans. Robert A. McDonald is trying to remake their agency help make more connection between veterans.