Polio Research

Bio-medical Technology

Polio Background

Poliomyelitis is the diseases real name and it is a very contagious disease. It attacks young children mostly. The virus is passed from person to person and spreads through many different ways. Some ways might be transmitted is from mouth to mouth in an infected persons saliva, and infected persons fecal matter, or contaminated food or water. Once inside you it multiplies in the intestine and it can attack the nervous system and can cause paralysis. CAN NOT BE CURED ONLY PREVENTED.

Recent Information

  • Polio is now nearly eradicated and is only endemic in 3 countries, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan
  • No wild polio cases have been reported since 2014
  • only 1 of the 3 types of polio still exist- Type 1

Bio-Medical Technology

  • Polio was once a very large issue and still is just not on a world wide scale. Thanks to the technologies we posses only 3 countries are affected. Bio-Medical technologies still haven't presented a cure to the problem but it can be prevented by vaccination. ex.) A shot or liquid drop vaccine taking by mouth.