Mr. B's Bright Lights

A concert of learning

Holiday Concerts coming next week!

Next week on Monday and Tuesday, our Primary School students will be performing seasonal tunes under the direction of Mr. Andy Boucher. On Monday, Dec. 8, 5:30, 5K-gr. 1 children perform with our gr. 2 and gr. 3 students begin at 7:00 PM in the Intermediate School gym. The 4th graders will sing on Tuesday, at 5:30 in gym too. The children will meet in the Little Theater no earlier than 30 minutes before the programs-5:00 and 6:30 respectively. You can pick up the children following the concert at the Little Theater. Thanks for your cooperation.

In Grade 1, we learn to measure lengths

In the photos below you will see some of Mrs. Rummell's first graders learning the basics of measuring before getting a ruler or tape measure in their young hands. The Everyday Math program develops the concept of measuring by having the kids measure with fingers, hands and arms.
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The Gold Shoe Winner is. . . . . .

The Gold Shoe winner is a class of children, from each grade level, who demonstrate being kind, being safe, and doing their job as students in physical education class. Mrs. Monson and Ms. Luberda designate how many "coins" the children earn over the time in the class. At the close of the class, each teacher asks the children what they think they earned and to give examples of Merton Way behzvior they saw or experienced. We announce the names of the class each month and each grade level has a traveling trophy to share. Ask you child if their class has earned a Gold Shoe/

Tools that we use at school

Below are photos of items that the kids use each day at school. The writers' workshop tool box has all the necessary items to use when the students are writing without having to return to their desk (if they are writing in a different place in the room). The netbooks and tablets are also tools that are used to boost learning, practice, and understanding. We sure appreciate the support of our school board in providing these tools for the students to thrive in class.

Mike Budisch, head learner

Thanks for coming to the concerts and supporting the children as they learn more about music from Mr. Boucher. I guarantee a wonderful evening of song!