Choose Alessia as President

The Democracy of the 8th Grade Social Studies Class.


Homework will be optional

Homework being optional is an important rule for our democracy because our students have the option to decide whether they need to complete homework assignments, this way students decide if the extra exercise for their brains is necessary or if it is not. Some students simply do not have the time to finish their homework and the fact that it is optional will help them make extra time for other assignments or activities they need to do.
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Help will be provided to anyone who needs it.

Students work at different paces and some will always need more help than others, due to this, help will be provided to anyone who needs it. Our government will provide aid to every single person who needs help, this will help the student understand the subject, improve their learning and receive a better grade on the assignment.

On fridays students will be able to enjoy a movie of their choice and this movie will be voted on the class before.

Students will receive a movie every friday so they can cool down after two hard weeks of work and they will all vote on the movie the class before so everybody can take part in the decision.
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Snacks/food in class will be optional.

Since our class is the first class of the day, some students might miss their morning breakfast or might be hungry, therefore they will have the option to bring snacks to class so they can pay attention to class and not be worried or distracted because they are hungry. Since this is optional, students who do not want to bring food to class will not be obligated to.

Students will have the opportunity to retake assignments if needed to.

Sometimes students do not have the chance to study properly for a test, or the failed to understand an assignment, or simply didn't understand a subject and because of this they get a bad grade. This bad grade will be able to be fixed if students want to because they will be able to retake any assignments they feel necessary. This is done to let students have the second chance they need and to help them obtain a better grade.