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PLA @ Bellingrath Middle School's 2023-2024 theme is BE THE CHANGE - MAKE IT HAPPEN. Never be complacent about the current steps; don't agree and follow the status quo. Be determined that you are making an indelible impact with great change.


to ensure that each of our scholars meet high academic and social standards, and thrive as leaders at home, in their communities, and in the world.


Our ultimate goal is that our scholars master key academic skills, and demonstrate strong character as exhibited by: honesty, service to others, a superior work ethic, and a strong vision for and belief in their futures.

Character Trait of the Month


Dependable means "reliable, steady and trustworthy." If people can always count on you, that means you are dependable. Being a dependable person can also improve the quality of your life. If you are dependable, people know they can count on you to be on time, do your best at something, finish the job and even do what's right when no one is watching. You have earned their trust, they know you are reliable.

PLA Instructional Strategy of the Month

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National Principal's Month

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October is National Principals Month and Bellingrath Middle School would like to take this time to recognize our amazing school leader, Principal Mary Holloway!

Every day, you choose to lead with determination and courage, setting an example for your scholars and staff as well as the greater communities you serve. Words cannot express how much we appreciate all that you do. Bellingrath wouldn't be here without you!

So each day in October and every day after that, we thank you, Principal Holloway, for all of the love, care, and dedication you put into Bellingrath Middle! #NationalPrincipalsMonth #ThankAPrincipal


Octubre es el Mes Nacional de los Directores de escuela y Bellingrath Middle School quisiera aprovechar este momento para reconocer a nuestra increíble líder escolar, la directora Mary Holloway.

Todos los días, usted elige liderar con determinación y valentía, dando ejemplo a sus estudiantes y personal, así como a las comunidades en general a las que sirve. Las palabras no pueden expresar cuánto apreciamos todo lo que hace. ¡Bellingrath no estaría aquí sin usted!

Así que cada día de octubre y los días siguientes, le agradecemos, Directora Holloway, por todo el amor, cuidado y dedicación que puso en Bellingrath Middle.

Cyber Safety Awareness Month

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October is Cyber Safety Awareness Month!

As a parent of scholars, explaining your expectations for their behavior is important. With your guidance, they can enjoy their online time and avoid cyberbullying and inappropriate content. Here are a few tips!

Learn everything you can about the Internet.

Set standards for what your scholar can and cannot do online.

Teach your scholar to keep personal information private.

Teach your scholar to use social networking sites safely.

Encourage your scholar to come to you if they encounter a problem

Talk to your scholar about Internet use.

Together, we can teach them to make good decisions online—even when we're not around. Would you like additional resources as a parent to help navigate the online world? Visit Common Sense Media at

#ChildrenFirst #OurScholarsSoar


¡Octubre es el mes de concientización sobre la seguridad cibernética!

Como padres de estudiantes, es importante explicar sus expectativas sobre su comportamiento. Con tu orientación, podrán disfrutar de su tiempo en línea y evitar el ciberacoso y el contenido inapropiado. ¡Aquí hay algunos consejos!

Aprende todo lo que puedas sobre Internet.

Establece estándares sobre lo que tu estudiante puede y no puede hacer en línea.

Enséñale a tu estudiante a mantener la información personal en privado.

Enseña a tu alumno a utilizar los sitios de redes sociales de forma segura.

Anima a tu estudiante a acudir a ti si encuentra un problema.

Habla con tu alumno sobre el uso de Internet.

Juntos podemos enseñarles a tomar buenas decisiones en línea, incluso cuando no estemos presentes. ¿Te gustaría tener recursos adicionales como padre para ayudarlos a navegar por el mundo en línea? Visita Common Sense Media en

Let's Celebrate

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Let's celebrate our dedicated Reading Intervention teachers! They're the heroes helping our scholars find their love for books.

Thanks, Mrs. Washington, for your passion and commitment to literacy.





Memorable Experiences

Do you have a memorable experience that you can't wait to share or simply want to leave positive feedback on your and/or your scholar's time at our school? Now you can do both with our quick and easy testimonial form! We want to nurture a community built on openness and strong connections between our scholars, families, and partners. Wow us with your testimony today and be featured on our website and social media! Use this link and share your story today:


¿Tienes una experiencia memorable que quisieras compartir o quisieras dejar comentarios positivos sobre tu tiempo y/o el de tu estudiante en nuestra escuela? ¡Ahora puedes hacer ambas cosas con nuestro formulario de testimonios rápido y sencillo! Queremos fomentar una comunidad basada en la apertura y las conexiones sólidas entre nuestros alumnos, familias y socios. ¡Sorpréndenos con tu testimonio hoy y aparece en nuestro sitio web y redes sociales!

Utiliza este enlace y comparte tu historia hoy:

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Math Night (October Family Engagement)

PLA believes strongly in offering Family Engagement opportunities each month. Providing opportunities for families to come into the school and engage with staff and other families provides them with a true sense of belonging in the school.

Our October family engagement was centered around Mathematics. The focus of Math Night was small group instruction. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our family engagement activities. Next month bring a friend to increase our number of participants.

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Red Ribbon Week

PLA @ Bellingrath Middle School Celebrates Red Ribbon Week October 23-27, 2023. Theme: "Celebrate Life, Live Drug Free"

Monday - Let's "Sock Out Drugs"

Wear crazy or mismatched socks! Lets see which team member wears the craziest socks!

Tuesday - "Chuck it to Drugs"

Wear your favorite pair of Chucks (Converse shoes)! Students sign the Pledge to be Drug Free!

Wednesday - "Don't Get tied up in Drugs"

Wear your favorite tie of scarf in observance of Red Ribbon Week!

Thursday - "Team Up Against Drugs"

Wear Your Favorite Jersey/shirt and jeans! (No holes, no rips, no frays)

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ASYNCHRONOUS Learning Day for Students

Friday, October 27, 2023, was asynchronous learning day for students. Students did not report to school but had assignments to complete. On asynchronous days, students are given flexibility. This gives students the opportunity to build their own schedules, which simulates life in the real world. Asynchronous days help to build time management skills, and how to plan a schedule to be most successful in a day.

Upcoming Events

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Extended Day starts Monday, Nov. 6, 2023.

The Extended Day Program is an extension of the regular school day that helps meet childcare needs of families. Each school offers a unique combination of activities, which can include homework assistance, tutoring programs, and enrichment activities. Extended Day Programs begin at the conclusion of the regular school day and last until 5:00 P.M. The program is in operation Mondays - Thursdays, excluding holidays, faculty/staff in-service days, and early release days. Start date for PLA @ Bellingrath's Extended Day Program is Monday, November 6, 2023.
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On November 8, 2023, scholars who meet the requirements for P.B.I.S. & Scholar of the Month will be recognized. They will also receive an reward for a job well done.
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Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance Celebration

Scholars who met the requirements for Honor Roll and/or Perfect Attendance at the end of the first nine weeks grading period will be recognized for their achievements. Be on the lookout for additional information. Your scholar might receive an invitation to the celebration.

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Veterans' Day Observed - Nov. 10, 2023

Veterans day is a remembrance of all U.S. military veterans, past and present. It is celebrated every November 11th, and has been a federal holiday since 1926. November 10, 2023, we will observe Veterans' Day. All Montgomery Public Schools and offices will be closed.

Veterans are proud of their military service in defending our Nation. The theme for Veterans Day 2023 is “Service.” Veterans are proud of their military service in defending our Nation. Honor reflects the military value and tradition of answering the call to duty. There is distinct honor in serving to protect our way of life and the Constitution of the United States of America. On this day, many will participate in service projects to honor a veteran. If you and your scholar chose to do so, please take a picture and email it to your scholar's homeroom teacher with a brief description. You might see your picture in our next newsletter.

Extracurricular Activities

Buccaneer Basketball

Come out and support our 7th grade boys, girls and 8th grade boys basketball teams as they compete each week.
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Attire that is considered disruptive or that seriously distracts from the learning environment or that could present a health or safety problem is not appropriate in an educational setting. With this in mind, the following rules concerning dress and grooming are mandatory for all students attending Montgomery Public Schools.

All PLA @ Bellingrath Middle School students are required to wear uniforms. Students are required to have their student ID badge worn on a lanyard. Colors of uniforms (top and bottom) will be determined by each school. Only one belt may be worn with attire. Standard belt buckles only (no over- sized belt buckles).

Shorts, skirts and skorts must be no higher than knee length from the crease in the back of the knee. Slits in skirts and dresses must meet the knee length regulation. Skirts that zip down or button down the front will not be permitted.

Students must wear shoes that cover their feet. Athletic shoes in the colors of white, black, or a combination of white and black are preferred. Each school may permit other colors of shoes as deemed appropriate. No bedroom slippers, flip flops, crocs, stilettos, slides, boots with chains, steel toes or other metal reinforcement, thigh high boots or athletic slides will be allowed.

Hats, caps, sweatbands, bandanna, visors, sunglasses and hoodies must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain there during the school day (except for health and/or religious reasons, which must be approved in advance by the administration).

Students are not to wear jewelry, ornaments, or accessories which distract from the learning environment. Facial and or tongue jewelry is not allowed for males or females. For safety reasons, visual piercing jewelry is limited to ears only. Hoops larger than one inch will not be allowed. Jewelry which includes long necklaces, accessories with spikes or chains, heavy medallions, removable dental grills, heavy bracelets and large finger rings will not be allowed.

Students must wear clothing that fits properly and is clean. Pants must be worn at the waist and may not be sagging. Oversized or undersized clothing, including pants, skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or shirts, will not be allowed. Pant legs must be uniform length and may not drag on the floor. No pajamas or sleepwear are allowed. Clothing may not be shredded or with open holes. No clothing shall be worn inside out. Suspenders/braces shall be fastened, and belts buckled.

Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner. Examples include clothing, which is too tight, too short and bare at the midriff. Undergarments must be worn in an appropriate manner and not be visible.

All students are expected to be well groomed and always exhibit proper hygiene in efforts to promote and maintain a clean and sanitary learning environment.

Tattoos, insignias, and buttons which promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vulgarities, violence, illegal activity, or are demeaning to other persons may not be worn at school.

Students shall not be permitted to wear clothing, accessories or regalia that conveys membership or affiliation with a “gang” or other similarly oriented group or association prone to violence or criminal acts.

Backpacks/Bookbags are no longer permitted at PLA @ Bellingrath Middle School. If girls carry a purse, it must be clear.

The uniform guidelines of the school coincide with MPS dress code, but can be more detailed and specific for individual sites.



Scholars are to wear clothing that fit properly.


Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging). Only one belt may be worn with attire. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


Shorts, skorts, skirts should not be more than 2 inches above the knee.


6th Grade - Black collar shirt

7th Grade - Hunter Green collar shirt

8th Grade - White collar shirt

Plain pullover collar polo style shirt (without logos, emblems or markings preferred)

Scholars may wear a plain sweatshirt (the same color as their grade level collared shirt) on top of their grade level uniform shirt.

All coats/jackets must be solid black. Coats/Jackets must zip or button down completely.


Athletic shoes

Scholars must wear shoes that cover their feet. Athletic shoes are preferred. No bedroom slippers, flip flops, stilettos, slides, thongs, mules, clogs, crocs, etc.

Consequences for Dress Code Violations

First violation: Parent/guardian will be contacted and required to take corrective action. The parent will be asked to bring appropriate apparel/shoes or ID card to school.

Second violation: Student will receive one-day in school suspension. The parent/guardian will be asked to bring appropriate apparel/shoes or ID card to school.

Third or subsequent violations: will be upgraded to B10: Persistent/Willful

Disobedience and consequences will be issued accordingly.

Electronic Device Policy

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Cell phones will be taken up at the checkpoints every morning and returned to scholars during their last class period. Cell phones will be collected by designated school personnel each morning. The designee will have yonder pouches and last period rosters to keep track of the cell phone he/she receives. Each day the designee will initial the roster showing whose cell phones were collected. Each student will place their cell phone in a yonder pouch. They will be labeled with the student’s and last period teacher’s name. The yonder pouches/phones will be placed in a storage bin labeled with their last period teacher’s name. When the checkpoint closes, the storage bins will be delivered to the administrators for locked storage for the day (6th grade – Assistant Principal, 7th grade – Dean of Culture & Climate, 8th grade – Assistant Principal). Students who check in late will turn in their phones/yonder pouches to the front office. These phones will also be labeled. The label will include the student’s name, grade and last period teacher’s name. Each morning at 9:15 A.M., the aforementioned administrators will pick up any phones turned in by students who were checked in due to late arrival. These phones will then be locked in the designated areas with the phones collected from checkpoint. During the last class period, storage bins containing cell phones will be delivered to the students’ last period teachers. Any students who checked in after 9:15 A.M. will have to retrieve their phones from the front office after school. After school, all teachers will return storage bins to the designated area to be used the next school day. If a student checks out early they will retrieve their phone from their administrator or the front office.


Pouch Damage / Lost Pouch / Using Phone During School

If a student damages their Pouch or is caught on their phone, the following consequences will be implemented.

  • First Offense - Administration will collect the phone/Pouch and call home for a Parent Pickup. Phones will be held for 24 hours and released only to the parent/adult listed in PowerSchool. (Weekends do not count)

  • Second Offense - Administration will assign the student to In-School Suspension and: Phones will be held for 24 hours and released only to the parent/adult listed in PowerSchool. (Weekends do not count) (Code 9 Defiance Disrespect and Opposition to Authority)

  • Third and Subsequent Offense - Administration will assign an Out of School Suspension in compliance with the district policy. Phones will be held for 24 hours and released only to the parent/adult listed in PowerSchool. (Weekends do not count) (Code 10 Disobedience: Persistence/Willful)

2023-2024 Bell Schedule

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Join Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Please become a member of our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO gives parents and teachers the opportunity to work together to supplement and enrich our scholars' educational experience. The mission is for teachers and parents to work together to enhance the quality of education to help make the students’ dreams a reality. This partnership

will help create committees to work on several different projects to enhance each

student's educational experience to assist with achievements in the future.

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Become A Member

PTO Membership Fee is $5.