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Google & Maker Education

In the last several months, Google has been increasingly involved in promoting and supporting making in education.

One of its early initiatives was to partner with Stanford University's FabLearn Program to identify and support best practices for makerspaces. Google is also aware of the shared characteristics between makers and scientists, so it's also developing platforms to enable students to gather and analyze real data for their projects.

We're definitely on the same page here at St. Gabriel's. Besides being actively involved with FabLearn - from presenting on its educator panel to contributing to their first publication - SGCS is on the leading edge of maker and science education.

In the gallery below, Randy Judycki's students designed and created their own rockets, then incorporated the latest in sensor technology to record and analyze the flight data. Later this week, Mike Scallon's 8th graders will be incorporating this same technology during the trebuchet launch.

Most recently, Google has teamed up with the MIT Scratch team to create the next generation of graphical coding blocks because, like SGCS, they believe that programming can empower anyone to "imagine, invent and explore."

Monica Agostini has done a stellar job integrating Scratch and invention literacy into her Language Arts and can be seen in the top panel of the Saber Spotlight section below.

Making & Science


Saber Spotlight

Design, rockets, data analysis, woodworking, trebuchets, robotics, programming, LEGO, collaboration, and invention literacy -- way to go Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 8th grades!