State Facts

New York, Flordia,California

New York

Capital: Albany

Nickname: The Empire State

Date of Statehood: July 26,1788

State Flower: Rose

State bird: Eastern Blue Bird

State Tree: Sugar Maple

3 interesting facts: 1. 100 million Chinese food cartoons are used annually in New York.

2. New York has 4,000 streets food Venders. 3. The state fruit is apple

3 tourist attractions:1.Top of the Rock 2. Empire state building 3. hope-on-top-off downtown tour by city sights.


Capital: Sacramento

Nickname:The Golden State

Date of Statehood: September 9, 1850

State flower: California poppy

State bird: California valley Quil

State tree: Redwood

3 interesting facts: 1. more turkeys are raised in United States 2. The Hollywood has more than 1,255 people. 3. Bowling has a the largest outdoors.

3 tourist attractions: 1. Disneyland 2. California ski resort. 3. Lake tahoe


Capital: Tallahassee

Nickname: The Sunshine State

Date of Statehood: March 3, 1845

State Flower: Orange blossom

State bird: Mocking bird

State tree: Palmetto Palm

3 interesting facts: 1. Florida averages 10 deaths, and 30 injures a year from lighting storms. 2. Florida means "feast of flowers". 3. Hanies city means"The heart of Florida"

3 tourist attractions:1. Unievsal Orlando resort. 2. Walt Disney World. 3. Kennedy Space Center

By: Chelsey Lemus