Career Investigation Project

By: Anna Park

Social Worker

Job Description:

Social workers work with people to support them when they are going through something difficult. They also make sure that everyone is kept safe if people are in danger. They act as guides, helping make tough decisions for their clients.

Job Setting/Required Training

Social workers work in a variety of settings. The most common places include homes, schools, hospitals, or voluntary organizations.

People can pursue a social work degree at either the bachelor's or master's level. In many cases, people work under supervision for two or three years after graduating. There are also licensing exams that need to be taken. Training can be completed at social-work practicums.


$40,970 annually for mental health and substance abuse social workers
$42,120 annually for child, family, and school social workers
$50,820 annually for healthcare social workers

Skills Necessary/Personalities Suitable


Empathy, boundary setting, active listening, self-awareness, organization, coordination, cooperation, relaxation


Social, outgoing

Trustworthy, good at listening

Calm, works well with others

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There are around 27,889 jobs for social work in places all around the United States.

Wages all vary depending on what type of consultant you are looking at.

There are internships all around the nation because social work is such a broad job. This includes social work practicums, hospitals, and care centers. There are many opportunities for international social work. These international jobs include US Foreign Policy social work and the Peace Corps.

Social Networks


-Helps people easily find employment opportunities

-Can track colleague's progress in their careers

-Online portfolios

Public Relations Society of America

-Easily look for jobs

-Can see people looking for jobs